Hotpot Lab #11 Niche Music Talk - - ((Witch House))

I'm speaking about witch house at the next Hotpot Lab #11 @ Steim in Amsterdam.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010: Hotpot Lab #11 – Niche Music Talk 2
Niching on:

- Witch House by Kristy Foom (Modern Witch / Drippy Bone Books)

- Koen Nutters (DNK-Amsterdam / Tape That)

- Doom Metal by Guy PInhas (Beaver / Goatsnake / Obsessed / Thorr’s Hammer)

- Some Amazing Music from Conny Plank by Mark Cremins (Rush Hour / PopWave 301)

- Early Japanese Electronic Music by Takuro Mizuta Lippit (STEIM)

Niche Music Talk is about learning the deepest corners in
music. There are just too many songs on iTunes and too many
sub-genres to explore, so we have invited some expert listeners to
help us navigate through this mess. Come along with a USB stick,
...there might b...e something to plug into.

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