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9/11/2010 - Modern Witch performance @ Sonic Horticulture



September 11, 2010 A.D.

HMK { HotelMariaKapel } Korte Achterstraat 2a 1621GA Hoorn, NL

9pm - 1am: Performances by Lola Loshkey, dev01ded, Modern Witch, Stellar Om Source and Douglas J. McCarthy

During the day: Site specific airwaves perfomance by Lewis Wright and Richard Hougeuz

Cymatic Sound and Video installation by Hazel Hill McCarthy III


Curated by Hazel Hill McCarthy III for Show Cave in Los Angeles, Sonic Horticulture is a site-specific event in conjunction with the month long installation project, Terrarium, at the Hotel Mariakapel in Hoorn that considers the concept of ritual music and its influence on the growth and communication of plants through sound and video. Set within a 500-year old church, Terrarium will consist of a glass altar full of plants with a triptych of terrariums. Artists and performormers propose to manipulate the communication with these plants through Sonic Horticulture.

Live music performances by Lola Loshkey, Stellar Om Source, Modern Witch and Douglas J. McCarthy will begin at 9pm. These artists will commune with their plant environment.

Throughout the event, an audio-video installation by Hazel Hill McCarthy III will use the the sounds from the live performances to distort projected image though cymatic sand patterns.

Berlin based artist collective, dev01ded, will perform up/routed a performance based on “Plants’ roots must be buried in order to live while humans are only buried when they are dead or meant to die. We bury our fears and traumas deep inside ourselves hoping they will slowly disintegrate, but we end up rotting out from the inside. Physically routed to their own system of interactive video, sound, and light, dev01ded, embodying their fears, will be slowly buried within an hourglass of dirt and technology, and he who buries them further entrenching himself in fear.”

During the day London artists Lewis Wright and Richard Hougeuz will explore the relationship between bees and humans that occupies the local airwaves with their piece, Edging the Swarm. Visitors will be invited to join the experience as the duo explore the town of Hoorn broadcasting into the environment audio received via radio signals.

Artists include:

◆ Stellar Om Source
◆ Modern Witch
◆ Douglas J. McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb)
◆ dev01ded
◆ Lola Loshkey
◆ Rim of the World
◆ Hazel Hill McCarthy III
◆ Lewis Wright and Richard Houguez

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