find the answer to the netherlands

Mario came to visit me in Amsterdam for 3 weeks. He left yesterday and the days are blending so these aren't in order but you get the picture..

kass kutting

we walked around a lot at night

all the fun happens in the park

michael jackson died. we talked about bubbles. fandom is difficult.

we walked everywhere.

we made lots of dinners. they all kind of looked like this and tasted like this too. delicious.

didn't get to do any boating, next time...

we saw finally punk play! mario did the cover art for one of the 7"s, they gave us both copies!

the fuzz opened up! they're from amsterdam and were slaying jams.

night moves. ran into someone from denver who recognized the tag! special moment...

I had to go to work some days. mario practiced his mystic dance moves and made videos for me.

we flew to helsinki. we didn't get to sit next to each other. mario got to sit next to a cute girl but I had to sit next to a stinky man with bruises all over his body. eh, no matter. I was sleeping with my mouth open in no time.

mario made friends at the record store

he said he meditated in a cemetery while I was at work

we painted with them.

Helsinki Hall of Fame
it was such a beautiful place, lovely.

We drove downtown Helsinki with our friends after painting.

AVOW Helsinki
avow wuz here

we went out dancing to kenny carpenter from studio 54

it was magical. I was making mario stuff his pockets with confetti to use in a collage.

we fell asleep watching ET and then woke up and had to leave back to amsterdam

we both worked on the plane home.

we got back and Mario got the new cafe royal he's in! Cafe Royal 5! Cafe Royal publishes really special limited edition artist books out of the UK. Mario's 10 pieces look great.

Natanya came to visit!!!!

we walked the markets!

met BLADE king of graffiti!

fun every second

we hung out at vondelpark and saw this incredible band playing! Niit! They sounded like the B52's!

then we went to the teahouse and drank some bier!

we then danced

mario danced the dance of his life!

Natanya flew to Venice for the Biennale

we met anita and jeff of champagne valentine and aaron of youcube for a belgian bier. great company!

we paid the polaroid man!

next day we rented a scooter and drover out of amsterdam through haarlem to the beach that starts with "bloem"!

we ate at this amazing Indian restaurant. I don't know why we didn't take pictures. the food was delicious. our waitress drew us a map to the beach on heineken paper.

haarlem is lovely.

we made it to the beach!

it was cold

we found the answer to the netherlands.


Alex said...

yes, yes, and yes

MarioZoots said...

this is so awesome, good times!

johnee said...


amazing post!

très magique!

especially that jacket on mario! hee hee!

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