Christmas Gif(t)s at Show Cave Gallery

CHRISTMAS GIF(t)s SHOW! at Show Cave Gallery

I'm making a special zine for this show. Check out Show Cave on flickr:

Dec 6th
8pm till Midnight

On view will be zines, posters, prints, drawings, do-dads, etc. for this gift-giving holiday. Buy your friends something more interesting this year than another cupcake tray full of greasy cupcakes; treat your friends and loved ones to some amazing art that won't make their thighs fat.

Also on view will be be a collection of animated.gifs (Graphic Interchange Format files) from various artists. Curated by Hazel Hill (see below to submit your gif for the show)

This show will run from
Dec 2nd-Jan 3rd

SHOW CAVE Night Gallery
1930 echo park ave
Los Angeles CA 90026

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