Brian M Clark donated a box of zines to the Denver Zine Library. I received the package on Sunday. It really took me back. Some of my favorite zines were in the box, and there were issues I'd never seen! Like 10 issues of Rollerderby! Lisa Carver is a dream doll still. Her sex stories will never get old. Royal Trux is all up in the Rollerderby ads. I missed a chance to see RTX this winter with Sarah Slater, why!? I feel like having a feminine rage. I feel like playing some folk music on my akewstic g-tar while my girlfriends spit bottled water on me. just a thought.

Other zines in the mail package included Domestic Violence Week Begins, a Jello Biafra fanzine top to bottom filled with lyrics and album art. It has tons of handwritten annotations like, "original inside sleeve art by mark pauline, who later asked that his name be removed because part of the art had been altered." Most of the artists are credited. There's no publication information. It appears to be old, mid-80's is my guess. I'm not sure if it was put out by Alternative Tentacles or just a fan. There were a few issues of comet bus we don't have, including a quarter-size screen printed issue #29 with no contributors, just straight aaron.

"If you are getting bored reading this, maybe you should try reading it with a different attitude." - arron cometbus

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