collage works on paper

a funny story about these:

bought frames, white frames. I slowly sold one to someone I don't know. was it worth the effort? White frames are. a couple making out knocked the wall over. the frames broke, some of the collage tore. the apologetic man paid me to replace the frames. my purse with the money in it was stolen at a dance club. passion marked these, can you see it?

kristy foom

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Lazy Rani said...

the middle and last ones speak to me.

did you know i hate birds? it's a love-hate though. i used to keep it a secret. i'm practicing coming out in safe places like the internet.

also, did you know some but not all of these images fail to display in my browser unless i click them? and then they take up more than the size of a computer screen. is that happening to everyone or just me?